Problem on DAT ?

jason andrade jason at
Fri Jun 7 07:47:00 CDT 2002

On Fri, 7 Jun 2002, Pierre POMES wrote:

> Yes I totally agree, it was a typing error. I use the rewinding device
> to rewind, but after that I use the non rewinding for all filesystems. 

whew. better to have an email typo than a real one.

> In fact, my filesystems are not listed en /etc/fstab. That's why I use
> the device name rather than the mount point. When I run the backup
> process on particular device, this device is not mounted. 
> But do you think it would be better to define the filesystem in
> /etc/fstab (with the noauto option, since I don't want to mount the
> filesystem at startup), and use the mount point in my dump command
> rather than the device name ?

sure, unless you are doing this for some sort of security reason.  much
better to have it be crystal clear and defined (and maybe even commented
in your fstab).

it's good that you've confirmed you're dumping unmounted filesystems.

> One question about compression : I would like to use compression (latter
> the total may exceed 20GB), but there is no device /dev/zst0 or
> /dev/nzst0 as I expected...(I was used to use ftape and devices
> /dev/qft0 and /dev/zqt0 some years ago). 

i have no idea about this one. i looked around and couldn't find anything
that indicated how to access the compressed tape device.  most places
strongly warned against using -z or -j compression as this meant the
whole backup would be corrupted if part of the tape was corrupt.

> [rootusr at gemenos ~]# mt -f /dev/st0 rewind  -> ok
> [rootusr at gemenos ~]# dump -0f /dev/nst0 /dev/sdb5 -> ok (0,06MB, always
> ok, very small filesystem)
> [rootusr at gemenos ~]# dump -0f /dev/nst0 /dev/sdb6
>   DUMP: 47.12% done at 3610 kB/s, finished in 0:16
>   DUMP: write error 4104290 blocks into volume 1: Input/output error
>   DUMP: Do you want to rewrite this volume?: ("yes" or "no") 

> This error can happen at any moment, sometimes just after 10%, here in
> my exemple after 47%... I'am afraid my drive is out of order.... :-(

maybe.  is the filesystem happy ? is it ext3 ? have you fscked it recently?

can you move any data or create some empty data onto /dev/sdb5 (say 100M
or 1G) and test it ?



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