Linux Newbie Backup Questions...

Aly Dharshi aly.dharshi at
Thu Jun 6 21:30:00 CDT 2002


> Actually, NetBackup won't run on 7.2 or 7.3, maybe even
> 7.1.  We still run 6.2 boxes because of that, it sucks.
> I'm not sure when Veritas is going to fix that.

	Amusingly I have the Vertitas system installed on this server running 
RH7.2 and if the client runs (xinted) for backups I am assuming that the 
server bitty will run too. I don't expect issues, but again they do run 
the server portion on an MS Server OS and it seems to work successfully. 
So maybe you want to get the latest version and give it a shake. Maybe 
its the client only that works on RH 7.2 ? I have my doubts as if it 
works on 7.1 then 7.2 has a similar system not very different, 7.3 isn't 
all that different from 7.2, using that logic :) :) I expect it to work. 
:) :)



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