Linux Newbie Backup Questions...

Aly Dharshi aly.dharshi at
Thu Jun 6 20:56:00 CDT 2002

Hubbard, David wrote:

> If you're talking about Veritas NetBackup, any device
> that has a drive and multiple tales is considered a
> robot.  

	You are quite correct. The U of L has 3 DLT drives connected to an 
NT/2000 box, they have had this in place for a while now, but I think 
that they should convert over to RH 7.3 running veritas, maybe more 
stable then NT/2000 in my opinion. Netbackup is the way to go in my 
opinion, its just a matter of deciding whether you have the mullah aka 
deniros for that Veritas product, if not then dump/restore or Amanda 
(better choice).

> But... be careful, on linux, NetBackup only
> supports 8mm and DLT robots, 4mm DAT is not usable
> by NetBackup under linux.  I have talked to their
> engineers and they have no plans of supporting that
> robot type (TL4) at this time.

	Even the latest versions ? I don't know what the U is running but I would 
think that 8mm and DLT's are the way to go anyway. I consider 4mm DAT 
ancient but again that is me.



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