Hyper threading on a Precision 530 MT

Marc Mondragon Marcmo at RitchieCapital.com
Thu Jun 6 17:10:01 CDT 2002

That was it -- I didn't know about the BIOS change.


Marc Mondragon

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> Is hyper threading not supposed to work on the workstation's?

It's fairly easy to see if the CPU itself supports hyperthreading.  If so,
/proc/cpuinfo lists the set of flags for each processor, and included in
that list will be "ht".  The 2.4.9-21 and above kernels will certainly show
this if available.  Since you've got the 2.2GHz Xeon CPUs, I believe they

Then the BIOS needs to enable HT.  On many systems, it's default is off.
After power-on, go into BIOS Setup to enable HT.  That would certainly
explain what you're seeing.

Then, you already know about the acpismp=force trick to make the kernel
recognize it for those that don't do it automatically.

If that doesn't work, come on back and we'll try some more.


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