Hyper threading on a Precision 530 MT

Marc Mondragon Marcmo at RitchieCapital.com
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I've been following the discussion about hyper threading and linux on Dell servers and I have a question.  I have a few Precision 530 MT workstations running RH 7.2, each with 2 2.2 MHz Xeon P-4's.  I've made a custom kernel using the smp kernel as a starting point.  The only change I've made is to change the CPU to a P4.  I've used the acpismp=force in grub.conf and the dmesg appears to show that it recognizes hyper threading.  But my top does not show 4 CPU's and dmesg also states that the existing CPU's(0/1) do not have any siblings, it also shows CPU(2/3) being disabled.  Is there something in the BIOS/motherboard of the PowerEdge Servers that enables the other CPU's.  Is hyper threading not supposed to work on the workstation's?


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