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Wed Jun 5 13:27:00 CDT 2002

All Dell Servers are being shipped with Hyperthreading enabled. You can go
into the system BIOS and disable if you desire. Although, RH2.1AS does
support Hyperthreading well, so if it doesn't cause problems, reap the

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On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Gabor Kovacs wrote:

> Jeffrey Shih wrote:
> > I currently installed RH linux 7.2 AS on a Dell 2650 with a 2 processor,
> > 6 gigs of ram config.  When I look at the dmesg, or top, it only
> > displays 4 gigs of memory, but shows 4 processors!!  Does anyone have
> > any idea why this is happening?
> I think you don't have high memory support compiled in your kernel,
> that's why you only see 4Gigs of RAM. The other issue is related to the

or if you do have high mem support, perhaps you have to configure it
for a max of 64G, rather than 4G (i might be thinking about the wrong
thing but there was a max memory config option somewhere..)

> new Intel Xeon (?) processor's architecture.

right - which support hyperthreading.  please go to intel's site or read
back in the archives of this list (there was a recent discussion) about
how HT gives you another 20-40% of cpu and appears to double the number
of processors you have.



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