pe 2650 and redhat 7.2 AS

jason andrade jason at
Wed Jun 5 06:00:01 CDT 2002

On Wed, 5 Jun 2002, Gabor Kovacs wrote:

> Jeffrey Shih wrote:
> > I currently installed RH linux 7.2 AS on a Dell 2650 with a 2 processor,
> > 6 gigs of ram config.  When I look at the dmesg, or top, it only
> > displays 4 gigs of memory, but shows 4 processors!!  Does anyone have
> > any idea why this is happening?
> I think you don't have high memory support compiled in your kernel,
> that's why you only see 4Gigs of RAM. The other issue is related to the

or if you do have high mem support, perhaps you have to configure it
for a max of 64G, rather than 4G (i might be thinking about the wrong
thing but there was a max memory config option somewhere..)

> new Intel Xeon (?) processor's architecture.

right - which support hyperthreading.  please go to intel's site or read
back in the archives of this list (there was a recent discussion) about
how HT gives you another 20-40% of cpu and appears to double the number
of processors you have.



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