Quota problem!?

ivan ivan at es.usyd.edu.au
Tue Jun 4 20:12:00 CDT 2002

Guys, can anybody confirm this?

I am running PE4400 smp latest 2.4.31-9 kernel.

I sent a question to quota developers about my quota problems, below is
what I got back.

> I am running RH (2.4.9-31) with quota on.
> Often I find that repquota and du shows different values.
> Running  /sbin/quotacheck -avugfm corrects the problem.
> Do I have run /sbin/quotacheck all the time or the used blocks value
> should be autoupdated.
  Of course it should be autoupdated..
> [root at atlas u1]# repquota /u1 | grep chrisw 
> chrisw    +-  229448  200000  220000  7days   24312     0     0       
> [root at atlas u1]# pwd         
> /u1
> [root at atlas u1]# cd /u1/chrisw/
> [root at atlas chrisw]# du -sm
> 177	.
  Do you have an SMP kernel? In that case you should try a newer kernel
  (but you'll need either -ac version of kernel or quota patches from

Does anybody knows what -ac version of a kernel is?

Thank you.

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