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I am still looking for an answer to the question below. Any ideas?
Looking at /proc/cpu will show the ht flag which shows the CPU is
hyperthreading capable, but it could be disabled in the BIOS.  
I also have sample code from Intel which counts physical processors.
Unfortunately it only works on Windows machines as it requires
CPU/process affinity to run assembly code on each "logical" cpu.  Linux
doesn't support CPU/process affinity.
>Is there a way to tell if a Xeon chip has hyperthreading enabled? For
>example, by looking at the "flags" line in /proc/cpuinfo?
> RH 7.3 installed fine, but for some reason is seeing *4*
> processors instead of 2.  Anyone know why this would be the case? 
HyperThreaded processors.  They present extra logical processors which
do roughly 30% the work of normal processors, but they're "free" in the
sense that they use extra hardware logic that otherwise would be idle.
> Also, I had to disable the 2 on-board Adaptec SCSI controllers
> (all I'm using is the PERC RAID controller now anyway) because
> it would lock on boot at Loading aic7xxx module
Yes, a bug was introduced between the last beta and 7.3 gold CDs which
the aic7xxx driver on the PE4600.  We'll post a driver disk to soon as we've verified that it's fixed.
> Finally, I can't seem to get DSA or DOSA (whatever we're calling it
to install
> under 2.4.18-3  (actually I just moved to 2.4.18-4 yesterday, as this
> isn't in production yet, I can still "tinker")
The current DSA CDs don't know about 7.3 yet - the next version will.
can take the ks.cfg file from 7.2 and, with few modifications, make it
with 7.3.
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