2650 PCI slots

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Tue Jun 4 06:37:00 CDT 2002

The 2650 and newer servers are now being equipped with PCI-X slots, which
increase the PCI bus speed from a max of 66MHz to 100 and 133MHz depending
on the implementation. The PowerEdge 1650 (1U) has an option whereby you can
get either 2x64bit/66MHz slots (supports 3.3v/Universal only) or you can get
1 64bit/66MHz and 1 32bit/33MHz (supports 5v) slot. This will most likely be
the last server to support this, since most cards are now either 3.3v or

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We recently got a Dell 2650 and were a little startled to note that
the PCI slots all require cards to have the extra notch in them (I
think this is because they are 3.3V?)  Unfortunately, we are using
Dialogic cards that don't have the notch.  Are there any other small
Dell servers that can still take the older PCI cards?  Or is there
some other solution?


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