Caution: tight 1650 rails

Philip Rowlands phr at
Tue Apr 30 18:50:00 CDT 2002

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Vsevolod Ilyushchenko wrote:

>The default RapidRails can only be installed in a four-post rack where the
>distance between vertical rails is between 28 and 29 inches. These are the
>least flexible rails I have ever seen. My two (non-Dell) racks turned out
>to have 27.5 and 29.5 inches, so I am out of luck.

If I go to, Small Business, Servers, Rack Optimised,
PowerEdge 1650, Customize, then I get the following choices under
"Chassis Configuration":

- Rapid Rails for Dell Rack
- Rails for 3rd Party Rack
- 2 Post Rail Kit
- No Rails

I assume the third is a "telco" rack, although I've never used this

The first two rail options cost the same. Did you not get these choices?
Can anyone confirm/deny that "Rails for 3rd Party Rack" are suitable?
(I'm thinking of buying some PE 1650s soon. Not being able to rack em'
up would be a problem).



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