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> Hi,
> > According to the last Dell UK tech I just spoke
> > to, our hardware is fine and the problem is with linux, but he also 
> > told me that he couldn't help me with linux because Dell 
> doesn't have 
> > a linux expert in the UK (he said that linux is not 
> supported by Dell 
> > in the UK, not even the version which Dell preinstalls, 
> like the one 
> > we got on our system - is it true ?).
> Not even one Linux-specialised support technician, in the 
> whole of the UK & Ireland? Damn, if that's the case, then I'm 
> glad I always try this excellent list first, rather than call 
> tech support. :-)

I don't know if it's a local (Edinburgh) problem, maybe in
other parts of the UK they have linux-trained engineers.
The support people, over the phone, are very open that
they don't know much about linux - but they are apparently
supposed to understand the error messages logged while running
linux, or at least, they tried to do it for us without asking
anybody else at Dell for help. Also, the engineer who was
dispatched to replace some parts in our PE 2550 was an
NT/2000 engineer (BTW: a very good engineer, he did an
excellent job on site). In any case, what really matters
to us is that we still have the same problem we reported
to Dell UK one week ago. Any help would be really appreciated.
Please feel free to contact me if you need more info
on our system and on our configuration (BTW: in my previous
email I mispelled the kernel version: it is 2.4.9-31smp
and not 2.4.9-13 as I wrote).

> I'm highly sceptical though that the Dell official line in 
> the UK is that Linux on PowerEdge servers is "not supported" 
> - after all, why would Dell openly sell in this country 
> something they don't want to support?
> Maybe he was just an ill-informed tech reciting the support 
> policy for Linux on desktop machines. I know that Dell 
> dropped Linux on the desktop ages ago.

Yes, I believe that he was an ill-informed person.
A quick check on the Dell UK web site shows that Linux
support can be purchased for the PE 2550 (e.g., £614 for one

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