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Harnish, Joe jharnish at ci.grand-rapids.mi.us
Tue Apr 30 14:40:00 CDT 2002


About a year and a half ago I got two PowerApp Web 120. I bought them
without really looking at the PowerEdge 1550.  After I got those in I got 4
PowerEdge 1550 servers.  Since I have gotten the PowerEdge Servers I have
installed RedHat 7.2 on them.  I am trying to do a fresh install of RedHat
7.2 on the PowerApp.  I get through the entire install and the system won't
boot all the way.  It stops at:

Freeing unused Kernel memory: 240k freed

It goes through and mounts all the filesystems just before this without

To me this system looks physically identical to the 1550s that I am working
with but I have not been able to get a standard RedHat install to run.  All
I can do is rebuild using the Dell Linux 2.0 disks.

Thanks for any information.

Joseph Harnish

PS I contacted technical support about getting a newer version of Dell's
version of RedHat and he sent me to a page on how to upgrade from NT to

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