powerapp cache inktomi LDAP

Lic. Rafael Acosta Serrano ras at ulsa.mx
Tue Apr 30 12:55:00 CDT 2002

Does anyone of you has an appcache from DELL?  My issue is to configure the
LDAP option of the software so I could validate all my users through the
PROXY.  There is no specific iformation of how to configure because the
administrator guide says that the server uses a local databes to improve
performance... this software is mounted on a RHL 7.0

Here is my configuration of the LDAP part of the records.config:
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.auth.enabled INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.cache.size INT 5000
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.cache.storage_size INT 24582912
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.auth.ttl_value INT 3000
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.auth.purge_cache_on_auth_fail INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.auth.multiple.ldap_servers.enabled INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.auth.bypass.enabled INT 1
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.proc.ldap.server.name STRING SVR-LDAP
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.proc.ldap.server.port INT 389
CONFIG proxy.config.ldap.proc.ldap.base.dn STRING

so if it says that uses a local database, where can I import the users of my
original ldap server or where can I synchronize the DB.


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