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> Hi Greg, All,


> >qmail has not had any bugs or security issues to resolve - if
> >its not broken do not fix it.
>     True enough, but in its current state its badly off, 
> people relying on
> /etc/passwd style lookups may benefit from it, those days are 
> gone, LDAP and
> *SQL lookups are based on patches, I think that the author or 
> someone else
> could have further developed it to take care of these new 
> technologies,
> where stuff like Sendmail, Courier smtp (not all) & Exim 
> supports *SQL, *DB,
> LDAP, PAM, NIS/NIS+ lookups and authentication methods out of 
> the box, I
> know postfix can do NIS and MySQL in the very least, there 
> are patches for
> NIS+.

qmail has a configuarble pipeline mechanism where one app talks to another.
This method is used by Postfix.  Vpopmail uses this and qmail can be made to
support MySQL, vpasswd, LDAP etc ... if your keen you could get qmail to
authenticate with anything.  Its quite easily once you get your head round
it, but so is rocket science.

Your argument is not against qmail per se, but with how it works.

>     So packages like Exim, Sendmail and Postfix have evolved 
> whereas Qmail
> has been stagnant. No forward development.

qmail needs no forward developement.

>     So I don't know if I completely agree with you there. But 
> everyone has
> their opinion and if yours works, excellent, these are just 
> my thoughts. :)
> :) :) : )

I'd agree with that :-) and I'll leave it there as this is now a little off
topic for the dell list.


>     Cheers,
>         Aly.

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