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    I question the need for many files, do we need to have an /etc/exports
directory containing a file for how to deal with exporting nfs mounts for
every machine trying to connect to the server, no its too time consuming, I
mean wouldn't it be easier to slap in on the machine one say qmail.conf file
with all the relevent settings, I have attached a simple default configure
file for you to illustrate my point. I mean /etc/ is a good place for
putting configuration stuff, I guess that maybe you are correct, if my ORS
site were a bigger site maybe having Exim read a flat file with some details
would help, but nonetheless, its very compact in one file with all the
goodies for any size site, if you were a larger site you wouldn't be using
flat files now would you. LDAP or  something like MySQL would do the trick.



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> > Hi Greg, All,
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> > >qmail is very flexible once you grok the configuration, which
> > >is an argument that you could use against anything complex.
> >
> >     I couldn't ever grok the configuration for Qmail, it was
> > rather odd having a number of files and trying to put stuff
> > in many files, very mind boggling for me, Exim works for me
> > as it has just 1 configure file and works well for me, its
> > easy to understand well document it.
> So would you rather have a registry like on windows than
> an /etc directory with multiple files like on unix?  qmail
> puts appropriate settings in appropriate files...
> Dave
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