Hubbard, David dhubbard at
Tue Apr 30 12:22:01 CDT 2002

From: Aly Dharshi [mailto:aly.dharshi at]
> Hi Greg, All,
> >qmail is very flexible once you grok the configuration, which
> >is an argument that you could use against anything complex.
>     I couldn't ever grok the configuration for Qmail, it was 
> rather odd having a number of files and trying to put stuff
> in many files, very mind boggling for me, Exim works for me
> as it has just 1 configure file and works well for me, its
> easy to understand well document it.

So would you rather have a registry like on windows than
an /etc directory with multiple files like on unix?  qmail
puts appropriate settings in appropriate files...


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