Aly Dharshi aly.dharshi at
Tue Apr 30 12:16:00 CDT 2002

Hello Jerker,

    I hope that you are well.
> Yes, I was a little bit indistinct(?) in my message... I wouldn't say I
> recommend Sendmail/Procmail/UW-IMAP to someone that have the possibility
> now to choose a mailserver of their choise. But for someone like me, that
> have historically been using Mbox-folders with this combination, the
> UW-IMAP-patches makes it possible to begin to atleast change from
> MBox-folders to Maildir-folders. The Maildir-format makes a big
> performance improvment for users running IMAP with gigantic mailboxes.

    Okay you have a good argument, but then you will agree with me ( I think
it was in your previous e-mail ) that its easier to "lock" a maildir over
NFS then it would be to an mbox plus, then why don't you just use a script
( many floating around ) to convert over to a Maildir ? :) :)

> Later I would like to switch from Sendmail to Postfix.
> And I would like something that are using sieve
> instead of Procmail.

    It works too !! :) :) :) :)

> I would love something else than UW-IMAP, but I have not found anything
> else that can handle Mbox- and Maildir-folders at the same time so that a
> per user switch from Mbox- to Maildirs-folders is possible.

    I don't know of any package off hand, I am sure some searching on the
net would solve that. Again there are many tools (scripts) to do this
conversion for you and off you go. But again that is me, if you wish to
approach it the way you have described it, I see your reasons too.

> If I had the possibility to build a new system from scratch, I would say
> your recipie sounds good. (Although, since I have no experience at all of
> Exim I would maybe first have a look at Qmail and Postfix. All of them
> sounds good though.)

    Well when I started out with Exim, I had no clue of mail serving and
being a postmaster, I am still learning as I go along. Nonetheless, I found
it easy to configure once I had read the configure file ( the runtime file
for Exim is called that ), the main thing is that it walks in and replaces
sendmail well as it has the same commandline switches. I don't know if
Postfix does direct Maildir deliveries or via maildrop. The default
configuration file would work well for you out of the box, all you need to
put in is your hostname and domain, do some relay controls like who can send
mail out thru you machine and which domains mail can relay thru you. Off to
the races you are.

    But it seems that you are a Sendmail wizard/guru, why not just use
maildrop to do your delivers for you, better than procmail anyday of the
week, but the downside is that its maildir only I would thinks. So I
understand your way. :) :) :) : )



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