Aly Dharshi aly.dharshi at
Tue Apr 30 11:56:00 CDT 2002

Hi Greg, All,

>qmail is very flexible once you grok the configuration, which
>is an argument that you could use against anything complex.

    I couldn't ever grok the configuration for Qmail, it was rather odd
having a number of files and trying to put stuff in many files, very mind
boggling for me, Exim works for me as it has just 1 configure file and works
well for me, its easy to understand well document it.

>qmail has not had any bugs or security issues to resolve - if
>its not broken do not fix it.

    True enough, but in its current state its badly off, people relying on
/etc/passwd style lookups may benefit from it, those days are gone, LDAP and
*SQL lookups are based on patches, I think that the author or someone else
could have further developed it to take care of these new technologies,
where stuff like Sendmail, Courier smtp (not all) & Exim supports *SQL, *DB,
LDAP, PAM, NIS/NIS+ lookups and authentication methods out of the box, I
know postfix can do NIS and MySQL in the very least, there are patches for

    So packages like Exim, Sendmail and Postfix have evolved whereas Qmail
has been stagnant. No forward development.

>Some people swear by qmail, exim, postfix and even sendmail.
>At the end of the day what ever you can configure securely is
>probably the best bet, but not necessarily the latest version.

    Sometimes the later versions a better then previous versions and more
secure. I for example would say that Exim 4.x is better than Exim 3.x why,
in 3 you had to write stuff to prevent !%@ etc in local_parts of an e-mail
addresses, in 4 its default deny those (obviously we don't want people using
your server as a relay)  better spam prevention methods etc etc etc. One
could go on. Likewise a person could go on about Postfix. Nowadays its a
matter of feature. How can one adapt the same software for various
authentication methods and for flexibility with out too much work. I think
Exim was the answer for me.

    I seem to have a distaste for proprietory mail systems, Netscape was one
of them, they have a really bulky system does alot of stuff in memory and
when you have to reboot that machine it actually has to write the memory
contents to disk what a waste of time in my case, their mailboxes are
proprietory and makes mbox 2 maildir conversion a walk in the park.

    So I don't know if I completely agree with you there. But everyone has
their opinion and if yours works, excellent, these are just my thoughts. :)
:) :) : )



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