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Tue Apr 30 04:34:00 CDT 2002

Hello Aly and all,

Yes, I was a little bit indistinct(?) in my message... I wouldn't say I
recommend Sendmail/Procmail/UW-IMAP to someone that have the possibility
now to choose a mailserver of their choise. But for someone like me, that
have historically been using Mbox-folders with this combination, the
UW-IMAP-patches makes it possible to begin to atleast change from
MBox-folders to Maildir-folders. The Maildir-format makes a big
performance improvment for users running IMAP with gigantic mailboxes.

Later I would like to switch from Sendmail to Postfix.

And I would like something that are using sieve instead of Procmail.

I would love something else than UW-IMAP, but I have not found anything
else that can handle Mbox- and Maildir-folders at the same time so that a
per user switch from Mbox- to Maildirs-folders is possible.

If I had the possibility to build a new system from scratch, I would say
your recipie sounds good. (Although, since I have no experience at all of
Exim I would maybe first have a look at Qmail and Postfix. All of them
sounds good though.)

Jerker Nyberg.
Uppsala Sweden.

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Aly Dharshi wrote:

> Hi Jerker,All,
>     I had looked at those patches in 2000 summer for the first site, the
> software was behind a couple of versions and trying to patch the latest
> release of that Imap client was a real nightmare, it wouldn't do it, having
> used the UW package for Imap I know that its pretty heavy in memory and has
> a large footprint. At that point I was trying to get it to work with NIS+,
> which is even more nasty.
>     I decided to give Courier Imap a try, it worked well using LDAP and it
> was a small, quick and best of all has a variety of authentication methods,
> direct ldap access, MySQL, PAM, which isn't possible in UW-Imap unless its a
> patch or via pam (is pam supported ?). I found that Qmail wasn't great
> because it was a good package and was developed to a certain point and
> shbam, nothing more, the rest is all patch work for LDAP for example. I
> found Exim which was a decent, small, very very very flexible program, with
> alot of options (Exim 4 is lovely) and less complicated then sendmail plus
> has the commandline switches for sendmail. It supports PAM, SQL (with Exim 4
> Oracle is supported), LDAP among other things a C interface to add things.
>     Most things work pretty well with this packages. I think that ReiserFS
> has some bugs to be worked out, RedHat hasn't touched it for defaults with a
> 20 foot flagpole for that reason, they had something to say about it a while
> ago on their site I guess when RH 7.1 came out they said that ReiserFS
> wasn't full featured enough and ext3 was.
>     We are using ext3 with Maildirs and have experienced no problems with
> inodes. From my (others may differ) readings I have found that ReiserFS to
> be unstable, RH supports and works with ext3 which is way more stable. If
> you have a fast IO bus and then its not really a problem, with veritas it
> took a short while to back up and restore the files on a RH 7.2 system with
> ext3 then a Solaris 8 box with UFS according to my boss.
>     If someone were to insist on using sendmail then they should try and use
> it with maildrop which a specific program used for maildir delivery only,
> procmail on the other hand is a mutt of things. I guess that this is my
> view, but if procmail works for you go for it as long as you aren't using M$
> E$chan$e then anything is better.
>     I think that the absolute best mail system recipe is to have the
> following components (again others may differ):
>     1) Exim 4.x
>     2) Courier Imap and Pop
>     3) LDAP (OpenLDAP or IPlanet)
>     4) Mailman for mailing lists (Dell uses it, quite flexible)
>     5) Spamassassin (using spamc and spamd hooks into Exim well)
>     6) Exiscan for Exim 4.x with a decent Unix virus scanner from Sophos,
> Antivir (German Co really good), NAI,Kasperansky labs <-- this is optional
> i.e #6 is optional.
>     7) SqWebmail from the guy who wrote Courier ( accesses Maildir's
> directly no need for Imap server here, like say TWIG,IMP or Squirrel mail )
>     I think that this makes a good open source system way better than paying
> for a commercial package like MS, Communigate or something like that.
>     Cheers,
>         Aly.
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