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Tue Apr 30 03:56:01 CDT 2002


> > The bios upgrade is done via a DOS boot diskette,
> > so you'll need a windows machine to make the bootable
> > disk regardless.
> ... which can be a pain in the ass!

And, especially as once you actually get the self-extracting EXE downloaded
on to a Windows machine, you find you probably can't use the damn thing
anyway, because the utility that writes the floppy only runs on Windows 9x!

Running it on my Windows 2000 desktop here merely results in:

Usage : OS2 /P <full path> /C <original CommandLine>

It seems as though the floppy writer EXE is some kind of OS/2 executable!
But, I can't work out how to make it run with the OS/2 subsystem (the
OS2.EXE mentioned). It works flawlessly on Windows 95/98.

> Dell tech support has never heard of 'dd' and 'rawrite'?

If they're really tied to their Windows desktops and want to create disk
images that can be written on Linux with 'rawrite', I can recommend the
'OSPlus' utility, 'Disk Imager', available here:

As for compressing these image files, gzip is of course available for Win32
platforms as well:

I really do think it's rather silly of Dell not to offer downloads such as
BIOS updates, etc. in directly usable formats on all the operating systems
available for each product line.


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