Seth Mos knuffie at
Tue Apr 30 03:38:00 CDT 2002

On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Jerker Nyberg wrote:

> In order to change all the users from Mbox to Maildir (and not only the
> users which are having performance problems with gigantic mailboxes and
> are using Webmail/IMAP) i guess I also need to change from Ext3 to
> Reiserfs on the NFS-server. Reiserfs have unlimited inodes. And also, Ext2
> (and I think also Ext3) go very very slow when it has many many files in a
> directory. There is no such problem with Reiserfs as far as I know. I
> still trust Ext3 better, but I think that is only because I have more
> experience with Ext3.

I think ReiserFS is still not completely NFS safe. I have lost a ReiserFS
disk once. I am not touching it anymore.

XFS has dynamically growing inodes. The defaults are that 25% of the
space may be allocated as inodes.
Make sure you format it with a larger log if you would use it though. By
default you might get a too small one for mail server IO usage.
If you also mount the disk with more buffers you can really speed up more

You can get a XFS enabled kernel from the
site or use some the other "developers" kernels out there.
The kernels from Andrea Arcangeli and Shawn Starr come to mind.


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