Odd Freeze on PE4400

Aly Dharshi aly.dharshi at uleth.ca
Tue Apr 30 03:18:01 CDT 2002

Has anybody been brave enough to try the NFS version 4 under *nix ? I am too
chicken but has anybody given it a shot ? :)



Aly Dharshi
System Administrator ORS
aly.dharshi at uleth.ca
aly.dharshi at cs.uleth.ca

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> On 29 Apr 2002, Sean McAvoy wrote:
> > Thought I'd reply with an update:
> > I've had no luck in getting any real helpful info from my crashes.
> > I thought it might be a process issue at first, but then I tested some
> > nfs setups on the system. I try send large quantities of files and large
> > files. The system locked up in the same way. But the client did get a
> > response of "can't get a request slot". This is usually blamed on
> > bad/incorrectly configured NIC drivers. But it produced the exact same
> > effect (system is pingable, no errors in logs or on console, can switch
> > between vt's but cannot login). This lead to me to think it might be a
> > combo of the highmem and XFS. I did some light searching for
> > xfs/highmem, could find many helpful things. Since it's a non-production
> > system yet, I decided to wipe it out and reinstall with ext3 as the fs.
> > After doing this, I compiled a new kernel with SMP/highmem. I then
> > repeated the exact same compile, and then the NFS tests. No problems
> > whatsoever. Has anyone else used highmem SMP and XFS together on a
> > system before?
> Yes I am using XFS + highmem on a PE2500 with 200GB of raid 10. The
> initial tests I did were done with kernel.org kernels but they failed very
> fast after putting some load on the box (local not NFS).
> The box is running 1.1 release at the moment and before that the 1.0.2
> release. These kernels are based on the original Red Hat Linux kernels but
> with XFS included. Since Red Hat also tests their kernels to death on all
> sorts of boxes I feel better using those.
> Although the machine the machine uses XFS we did purchase the Red Hat
> Linux disks with the machine. That way support know it's running Linux.
> The NFS load that we have is relatively low but it works well. What I am
> really looking forward too is the tg3 driver for the broadcom cards to be
> included.
> Cheers
> Seth Mos
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