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Hi Jerker,All,

    I had looked at those patches in 2000 summer for the first site, the
software was behind a couple of versions and trying to patch the latest
release of that Imap client was a real nightmare, it wouldn't do it, having
used the UW package for Imap I know that its pretty heavy in memory and has
a large footprint. At that point I was trying to get it to work with NIS+,
which is even more nasty.

    I decided to give Courier Imap a try, it worked well using LDAP and it
was a small, quick and best of all has a variety of authentication methods,
direct ldap access, MySQL, PAM, which isn't possible in UW-Imap unless its a
patch or via pam (is pam supported ?). I found that Qmail wasn't great
because it was a good package and was developed to a certain point and
shbam, nothing more, the rest is all patch work for LDAP for example. I
found Exim which was a decent, small, very very very flexible program, with
alot of options (Exim 4 is lovely) and less complicated then sendmail plus
has the commandline switches for sendmail. It supports PAM, SQL (with Exim 4
Oracle is supported), LDAP among other things a C interface to add things.

    Most things work pretty well with this packages. I think that ReiserFS
has some bugs to be worked out, RedHat hasn't touched it for defaults with a
20 foot flagpole for that reason, they had something to say about it a while
ago on their site I guess when RH 7.1 came out they said that ReiserFS
wasn't full featured enough and ext3 was.

    We are using ext3 with Maildirs and have experienced no problems with
inodes. From my (others may differ) readings I have found that ReiserFS to
be unstable, RH supports and works with ext3 which is way more stable. If
you have a fast IO bus and then its not really a problem, with veritas it
took a short while to back up and restore the files on a RH 7.2 system with
ext3 then a Solaris 8 box with UFS according to my boss.

    If someone were to insist on using sendmail then they should try and use
it with maildrop which a specific program used for maildir delivery only,
procmail on the other hand is a mutt of things. I guess that this is my
view, but if procmail works for you go for it as long as you aren't using M$
E$chan$e then anything is better.

    I think that the absolute best mail system recipe is to have the
following components (again others may differ):

    1) Exim 4.x
    2) Courier Imap and Pop
    3) LDAP (OpenLDAP or IPlanet)
    4) Mailman for mailing lists (Dell uses it, quite flexible)
    5) Spamassassin (using spamc and spamd hooks into Exim well)
    6) Exiscan for Exim 4.x with a decent Unix virus scanner from Sophos,
Antivir (German Co really good), NAI,Kasperansky labs <-- this is optional
i.e #6 is optional.
    7) SqWebmail from the guy who wrote Courier ( accesses Maildir's
directly no need for Imap server here, like say TWIG,IMP or Squirrel mail )

    I think that this makes a good open source system way better than paying
for a commercial package like MS, Communigate or something like that.



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