Odd Freeze on PE4400

Seth Mos knuffie at xs4all.nl
Tue Apr 30 03:12:00 CDT 2002

On 29 Apr 2002, Sean McAvoy wrote:

> Thought I'd reply with an update:
> I've had no luck in getting any real helpful info from my crashes.
> I thought it might be a process issue at first, but then I tested some
> nfs setups on the system. I try send large quantities of files and large
> files. The system locked up in the same way. But the client did get a
> response of "can't get a request slot". This is usually blamed on
> bad/incorrectly configured NIC drivers. But it produced the exact same
> effect (system is pingable, no errors in logs or on console, can switch
> between vt's but cannot login). This lead to me to think it might be a
> combo of the highmem and XFS. I did some light searching for
> xfs/highmem, could find many helpful things. Since it's a non-production
> system yet, I decided to wipe it out and reinstall with ext3 as the fs.
> After doing this, I compiled a new kernel with SMP/highmem. I then
> repeated the exact same compile, and then the NFS tests. No problems
> whatsoever. Has anyone else used highmem SMP and XFS together on a
> system before?

Yes I am using XFS + highmem on a PE2500 with 200GB of raid 10. The
initial tests I did were done with kernel.org kernels but they failed very
fast after putting some load on the box (local not NFS).

The box is running 1.1 release at the moment and before that the 1.0.2
release. These kernels are based on the original Red Hat Linux kernels but
with XFS included. Since Red Hat also tests their kernels to death on all
sorts of boxes I feel better using those.
Although the machine the machine uses XFS we did purchase the Red Hat
Linux disks with the machine. That way support know it's running Linux.

The NFS load that we have is relatively low but it works well. What I am
really looking forward too is the tg3 driver for the broadcom cards to be

Seth Mos

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