PE4600 and Console Redirection

Glen Turner glen.turner at
Mon Apr 29 21:15:01 CDT 2002

On Mon, 29 Apr 2002, Marc Schmitt wrote:
> If I wish this feature (more flexible console redirection setup in the
> BIOS) to be considered by Dell, whom should I email to? Or is that
> pointless anyway?

Hi Marc,

I've been thinking about that myself, and I'm coming to the conclusion
that the Carrier-Grade Linux project is our way in.  They'll obviously
need some sort of certification of CGL hardware and we should make sure
that what we want for serial console access is in the CGL documents.

I'm starting to recast the "Advice to BIOS writers" appendix of the Remote
Serial Console HOWTO to that end.  It's currently just a rant against that
state of the world.  I'd like it to be a document that can be referenced 
by the CGL specification.

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