PowerEdge 1650 - PERC3/Di RedHat 6.2

Tesfamariam_Michael@Dell.com Tesfamariam_Michael at Dell.com
Mon Apr 29 16:12:00 CDT 2002

Red Hat 6.2SBE2 doesn't support PERC3/Di of PowerEdge 1650. If you really
need RH6.2SBE2, you will need to make a driver disk for it from the latest
aacraid source code (can be downloaded from http://www.domsch.com/linux) and
install using that drive disk. You can find information on how to make a
driver disk in http://people.redhat.com/dledford/.

Tesfamariam Michael

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I have been trying to load REDHAT 6.2 sbe2 onto a poweredge 1650 with a
perc 3/di raid controller. I have had no success with this. I have tried
everything I can from your website. Please help.


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