BIOS Upgrade

Frank Louwers frank at
Mon Apr 29 12:35:00 CDT 2002

> The bios upgrade is done via a DOS boot diskette,
> so you'll need a windows machine to make the bootable
> disk regardless.

... which can be a pain in the ass! We once wanted to upgrade from
lilo to grub as bootloader, and tested it on a new PE, and it worked
like a charm. So we went to the datacenter, did it on the first
semi-production PE, and it failed: the (old) PE had a bios that was
too old.

Now, you can imagine our frustration when we wanted to upgrade the
bios, but didn't have a windows box around ...

It's not because the upgrade is done with a dos bootdisk, that the
tool to create that disk should be windows only!

Dell tech support has never heard of 'dd' and 'rawrite'?

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