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Mon Apr 29 11:40:01 CDT 2002

I'm a big Dell fan, and don't usually have too many qualms with W2k, but
if you are going to be doing serious NFS, don't get their NAS
Appliance.  I have one and was using it strictly for NFS.  It was
purchased to house a mail store of about 60 GB's and the snapshotting
functionality and price were a few of the things that drew me to it.  I
would rather have had a NetApp filer, but the cost was too great.  So
for almost half a year I used the Dell PV735 as my NFS server.  All that
setup is, is a Dell PE2450 running windows 2000 with some additional
software on it like Windows Services for Unix.  I had some stability
problems with this server while running under heavy NFS loads.  I
recently switched over to Linux server setup as an NFS server, and like
this setup much much better.  The new server isn't even as powerful as
the PV735, but it absolutely kills it in IO performance.  The PV735 has
it's place, but in my opinion an NFS server isn't one of them. (that's
not even getting into some of the issues you might have mapping names
and rights. from an NFS client to a Windows NFS server)  Especially, if
you are already familiar with linux/unix O.S.'s I would suggest building
your own NFS server, rather than the Windows Box.

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Hugh Beaumont wrote:
> Hello All,
> I've been looking into buying some NAS devices and am curious if anyone has used Dell's
> NAS devices? Any comments?
> They will be used in an all Linux environment through NFS. I believe Dell only has a windows
> interface to their devices for management :(
> I'd also like to hear any comments on NFS - I don't know why but I've always had a bad impression
> of NFS and not really used it in a production environment (in fact I don't think I've used
> it at all for years). Am I wrong for the distrust? All I'm looking to use it for now is to do
> backups across the network (rather than using tape).
> Any advice? Alternatives?
> I hope my questions are not off topic! Any comments or experience is appreciated!
> Thanks!
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