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I use Network Appliance for all of my backend storage.  Currently it's
handling 70,000+ email accounts and around 5,000 web space accounts.  All of
this is done through NFS (version 3).

I have had no problems with performance or downtime.  The netapp can be
managed through web or command line and is VERY simple.

I have the netapp hooked to a switch using a dual gigE truck and my clients
all use 100 base connections.

Just my $.02


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Hello All,

I've been looking into buying some NAS devices and am curious if anyone has
used Dell's
NAS devices? Any comments?

They will be used in an all Linux environment through NFS. I believe Dell
only has a windows
interface to their devices for management :(

I'd also like to hear any comments on NFS - I don't know why but I've always
had a bad impression
of NFS and not really used it in a production environment (in fact I don't
think I've used
it at all for years). Am I wrong for the distrust? All I'm looking to use it
for now is to do
backups across the network (rather than using tape).

Any advice? Alternatives?

I hope my questions are not off topic! Any comments or experience is


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