PowerEdge 2550 w/ Redhat 7.2 and RAID 1 config

Vinay Patel patel at hcs.ufl.edu
Mon Apr 29 10:33:00 CDT 2002


   I am new to using SCSI or RAID with Linux so I hope this list can guide
me.  I am trying to setup the following configuration.

Using PowerEdge 2550:

Redhat Linux 7.2
2 -  36GB Ultra160 drives in RAID1

My question is this.

Which controller would be best in this setup?
 1. Dual-Channel On-Board RAID controller 128MB (2-int Channels)
 2. PERC3/DC-Dual Channel Add-in RAID Card (2-int Channels)
 3. PERC3/DC-Dual Channel Add-in RAID Card (1-int 1-ext Channels)
Note: For the Hard drive Configuration, I wish to have On-Board RAID1

Is the RAID1 configuration done using a different utility before the
operating systems is ever installed?  By this I mean, will I first setup
RAID through some bios-like utility and once I have set up RAID1, can I
pop in my Redhat 7.2 CD and install normally (as if only on a single
disk).  If not what do I need to do or be aware of?

I also intend to get an internal Tape Backup unit.
Will I need a seperate SCSI controller (39160)?  Since I am going to use a
raid controller for the hard drives, does that mean its simpler to use a
non-raid scsi controller for the Tape backup unit? Please clarify.

Once again, all your help is greatly appreciated.  



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