hardware raid more trouble than its worth?

Ries van twisk rvt at dds.nl
Sun Apr 28 03:27:00 CDT 2002

if speed was a big issue (streaming media and such) then go for software
raid but in any other situation I would go for hardware raid.

I have very good experiances with hardware raid and I'm currenty
configurating a PE2450 in HW raid 1 again. This is a office machine with
only a 10 to 15 people connected to the system. HW never failed on my
machines and that are currently 3 PE linux debian machines.


Hugh Beaumont wrote:
> After reading some of the recent posts about hardware raid problems and
> also reading the success that people have had with software raid in linux, I'm
> wondering if the hardware raid is really worth the trouble?
> I would love to hear anyone's opinion, pro and con, on the matter. I've got two
> new 1650's with perc3di raid running (they are not live yet though). I'm considering
> just using the software raid though after some of the things I've read.
> My goal is reliablity more than anything - a backup drive if one goes bad. Speed is
> always important but not the most important factor. I'm just getting a bit worried
> about all the issues with batteries, memory, etc. on the hardware cards. It seems
> like software may be much less hassle.
> I must confess that I've never actually tried the software route simply because I
> thought it was "too good to be true" and not worth the time.
> I'd love to listen to any comments!
> Thanks!
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