Loading 7.2 on PE1650 help (bootable kickstart?)

Hubbard, David dhubbard at dino.hostasaurus.com
Thu Apr 25 14:50:01 CDT 2002

Sorry to be a nuisance, but could you or anyone on the
list point me in the direction of a tutorial on creating
kickstart boot floppies?  I have built custom kernels
before with no problems, but never a custom boot
floppy.  I have read posts in google about needing to
build your own bootnet.img for other hardware but I
can't seem to find instructions on how to do this

For the 1650 specifically, why is a binary driver from
Intel necessary?  My stock RedHat 7.2 cd seems to
detect the on-board e1000 NIC's without problems, or
is it actually loading the binary driver?  I got the
feeling from Intel's site that the driver was
source code that builds modules, or is it actually
just object code with a make file?



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> Well the biggest problem there is a driver for the network 
> card, you would have to have a custom kernel built on the
> floppy and the only driver available as of yet is a binary
> module from Intel.
> Steve

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