PE4600 and Console Redirection

Marc Schmitt schmitt at
Thu Apr 25 10:24:01 CDT 2002

Hi Jos,

Jos De Graeve wrote:

> On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Marc Schmitt wrote:
>>The PE4600 BIOS autodetects the speed (supported are 9600, 19.2K, 57.6K 
>>or 115.2K accordingly to the manual), I`ve tried all of them.
>>It looks like the *auto-negociation* right at the beginning of POST 
>>between the IOLAN and the PE fails.
> Well, Marc
> I have the same problem with the PE2500.  I cannot make the bios console
> redirection work with a terminal server.  It only works when i attach a
> notebook to the machine (have you tried that ?).  It seems to me that the
> auto-negociation thing is not working with a terminal server connected to
> the serial port.

Yes, I attached my laptop and it worked well together with 
HyperTerminal. Just as it says in the PE4600 manual.

> On the other hand, the PE1550 bios allowes console redirection, but here
> one can set the baudrate fixed in the bios.  This works much better.  Our
> company has a whole rack of these servers all connected to some old
> PortMasterII terminal servers.  The bios console redir. on these systems
> almost worked out-of-the-box.

Maybe a future BIOS update will bring that feature for the PE2500 and 

The Dell PE4600 Systems Service Manual reads (p. 11, Using Console 
Redirection): "... the system is connected to a port concentrator ...".
Is there a list somewhere of Dell "certified" port concentrators?


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