PE4600 and Console Redirection

Marc Schmitt schmitt at
Thu Apr 25 09:11:01 CDT 2002

Hi Mark,

Thanks for your answer.
I`ve tried different speeds, it didn`t help.

We just tried now a new cabling setup, following the specifications of a 
null modem cable. Linux console redirection works now even with having 
Hardware Flow Control configured on the IOLAN (typing didn`t work 
previously), but still no luck with the PE Console Redirection...

The PE4600 BIOS autodetects the speed (supported are 9600, 19.2K, 57.6K 
or 115.2K accordingly to the manual), I`ve tried all of them.
It looks like the *auto-negociation* right at the beginning of POST 
between the IOLAN and the PE fails.

I have also a PE8450, where Console Redirection works in combination 
with the IOLAN. It worked pretty much out of the box back then.
I copied the IOLAN settings over, flashed the latest Firmware on the 
IOLAN, no success.

Maybe this combination is just a no go. :(

What Terminal Servers are you people out there using successfully with 
Dell hardware?



Mark Kilmartin wrote:

> I can't be certain or anything.
> But in the bast I have seen those sort of symbols when the speed of the
> serial port is set wrong.
> Have you tried setting different speeds on the IOLAN?
> Or can you set different speeds in the BIOS?
> MArk

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