Loading 7.2 on PE1650 help

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The PCI IDs for the 1650 ROMB weren't known when RH7.2 went gold. The
workaround is really simple, you just have to pass the PCI IDs in to the
driver during install.

Poweredge 1650

     1.  Boot the first CD. At the boot prompt type:  expert noprobe
     2.  When prompted for the driver disk say:  No
     3.  When prompted for the driver to load choose: aacraid and check the
box for passing extra options to the driver.
     4.  The next screen you will need the following:
     5.  You may then select the additional drivers you may need by the
regular method.
     6.  The standard graphical install will begin and you should proceed
with standard at this point.

Jeremy Sheard
DELL Server Support

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Can someone re-post the little extra stuff
you need to type at the install prompt of
RH7.2 to get the RAID detected correctly
on a 1650?  I can't seem to find it in the
archives but I know someone had posted it
before.  And then I have to remove that extra
stuff from modules.conf when I upgrade to
2.4.9-31 correct?



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