Poweredge 6400 and PERC3/DC

Matt_Domsch@Dell.com Matt_Domsch at Dell.com
Wed Apr 24 11:12:03 CDT 2002

> devices are visible or not.  Is there anything in dmesg which 
> would tell me
> one way or the other whether RedHat saw anything?  What would 
> the device
> names of PERC3/DC volumes be?  I tried doing an 'fdisk -l 
> /dev/sdc' thinking
> the next available sd device might be a RAID volume.

dmesg, /var/log/messages, /proc/partitions, and /proc/scsi/scsi will tell
you if any RAID volumes were detected, and you can deduce how they're named.

> Do I need to MAKEDEV anything?



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