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Simplest way to do this is power down the system and pull a drive (set it on
shelf), bring up system and place new drive in slot after booted and then
due to having in missing member status the array will autorebuild the array
to the new drive.  You now have a backup drive to put in if you have a
complete failure.  In case of failure bring the drive up in the original
slot without the other slot in system and will boot and come up completely
fine.  If you need to update it later on just use the same procedure
swapping drives.

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Hello list,

I am configuring a PE2500 (RH7.2 preinstalled, two discs as raid1) and the
of this list have been a great source of information. Thanks to all.

Is it possible to "abuse" the mirror and produce a backup on a third
harddrive, which
in case of some failure (say "rm -rf /") may be used to restore the system?
Along the
lines of:

	A and B contain installed system
	pull B
	insert C - rebuild A=>C
	A and C are deleted (duh!)
	pull A and C
	insert B
	insert A - rebuild B=>A (?)

If it's a stupid idea, tell me so - I'm new to this stuff :-)

Another thing, how do I verify multiple tape cpio archives?


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