Frank Louwers frank at openminds.be
Wed Apr 24 10:45:00 CDT 2002

> looks quite good, but what do people really think (no jokes, please) about
> webadmin (versus, say, linuxconf or manual file editing)??

Without joking: I haven't tried it, but the reason I dislike (hate
comes closer actually) gui's (web or x or menubased cli) is that you
never have complete power over it. I like doing things by hand with a
textfile, because I know that if I can change it by hand:

a) I know what I am doing and how the system is going to respond
b) I can script it easily.

I don't know how things are done in webadmin, but eg in linuxconf, if
you change a configsetting by hand, and change too much, then
linuxconf will get confused or will try to "repair" the "broken" file

Just my .02 EUR

Vriendelijke groeten,
Frank Louwers

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