backup disc via mirroring?

Daniel van Gerpen daniel_van-gerpen at
Wed Apr 24 10:44:00 CDT 2002

Hello list,

I am configuring a PE2500 (RH7.2 preinstalled, two discs as raid1) and the archives
of this list have been a great source of information. Thanks to all.

Is it possible to "abuse" the mirror and produce a backup on a third harddrive, which
in case of some failure (say "rm -rf /") may be used to restore the system? Along the
lines of:

	A and B contain installed system
	pull B
	insert C - rebuild A=>C
	A and C are deleted (duh!)
	pull A and C
	insert B
	insert A - rebuild B=>A (?)

If it's a stupid idea, tell me so - I'm new to this stuff :-)

Another thing, how do I verify multiple tape cpio archives?


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