Poweredge 6400 and PERC3/DC

Keith Wolters kwolters at h2.com
Wed Apr 24 10:43:09 CDT 2002

A couple of weeks ago I inquired about getting a Poweredge 6400 with RedHat
6.2EE to work with a PERC3/DC RAID controller.  By connecting a disk to the
SCSI controller I was able to install RedHat and the kernel source.  Then I
was able to replace the megaraid.c and megaraid.h files with copies I found
on lsilogic's site.  I was able to use the instructions there to rebuild the
kernel and the new kernel boots.  But now I still don't know if the RAID
devices are visible or not.  Is there anything in dmesg which would tell me
one way or the other whether RedHat saw anything?  What would the device
names of PERC3/DC volumes be?  I tried doing an 'fdisk -l /dev/sdc' thinking
the next available sd device might be a RAID volume.  Do I need to MAKEDEV

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