Jeppie Sumpter Jeppie.Sumpter at wku.edu
Wed Apr 24 10:19:01 CDT 2002

I usually hate config tools like linuxconf and prefer to do the hand
edit thing, but I have to admit that webmin is pretty slick.  I've only
used it for a few things (dns, dhcp, mysql), but it seems to work quite

Jeppie Sumpter              MCSE, MCNE
Network Specialist           CCNA, CCSE
Western Kentucky University    SCSA, RHCE

Hank Eskin wrote:
> > Ah yes, then their is the ever useful webmin (http://www.webmin.com),
> quite right !
> Alright... I can't tell if this is a resounding plug for a great tool, or a
> sarcastic remark about a weak/poor tool.  I checked out the website, and it
> looks quite good, but what do people really think (no jokes, please) about
> webadmin (versus, say, linuxconf or manual file editing)??
> Thanks,
> -Hank
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