Dell's "Spacesaver" keyboards ...

jason andrade jason at
Tue Apr 23 23:27:01 CDT 2002

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Glen Turner wrote:

> It's not that the rack mounts are poorly constructed, but that they assume
> that the back rail will be placed exactly where Dell needs it.  This means
> that the Dells can never be placed in an existing rack without totally
> deconstructing the rack.  The latest rack mounts have some flexibility in
> this regard -- but the mounting is still an inch too long when the back
> rail is set to the distance required for European-standard four-post 19in
> telco racks.

this has plagued me quite a few times and in a number of places i have expensive
dell rack kits which sit in boxes because the back rails _cannot_ be moved on
the rack.

e.g they have power rails preattached in colo facilities, or they have inrack
krone that has been run up the back, preventing movement of the back rails.

at that point, it's back to using shelves - which is ok, but quite annoying when
any servers have to be modified as this means i have to unplug _all_ the cabling
and pull the machine of the rack to work on.

so yes please - it'd be nice to have rack kits that fit in more than just dell
racks :-/


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