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Tue Apr 23 22:57:01 CDT 2002

> Anyone from Dell on the list know where those of us with APC racks can
> get rails that work?  The problem is that the Dell rails are a little
> too wide on the part that locks into the square bracket holes on the
> rack.  I've been having our facilities department grind them down on a
> metal grinder but there has to be a better option. :-)

I had that problem too.  Try moving the rails down one square hole -- it
looked non-obvious that the server would sit on the thinner bit of metal,
but that does appear to be so.

The Dell rack mount kits are the worst I've ever used (and I've dealt with
HP, Compaq, IBM and Sun gear across 15 years).  This is a long-standing
problem -- I've being rack mounting Dells for four years.

It's not that the rack mounts are poorly constructed, but that they assume
that the back rail will be placed exactly where Dell needs it.  This means
that the Dells can never be placed in an existing rack without totally
deconstructing the rack.  The latest rack mounts have some flexibility in
this regard -- but the mounting is still an inch too long when the back
rail is set to the distance required for European-standard four-post 19in
telco racks.

Now we always take a drill, hacksaw and extra rack bolts when installing
Dell gear.  It's really embarrasing to need to advise co-location sites
that we are shipping them gear that they'll need to cut, bend and drill to
make work.

I'd strongly appreciate Dell's mechanical engineers touring computer
rooms, creating a corpus of rack dimensions, and trying to get at least
90% coverage of real-world racks.

Has anyone tried


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