73 GB disks for Dell Precision 530 Mini-Tower with PERC3 RAID5

Ed Griffin edg at ll.mit.edu
Tue Apr 23 08:33:01 CDT 2002

The web-config (ordering???) tool is sometimes incorrect.  I have seen this 
when trying to order a PV210S with 12 73GB disks and the only thing I could 
put on there was 18GB disks.  I called my sales rep and he got me what I 
wanted.  As far as stability is concerned I am running a dozen Precision 
530's with PERC3 RAID5 using 36GB disks and I have not had any problems 
with the disks, controllers, or the support from Dell or Redhat.  I have 
both the PERC3 DC cards for servers and the DCL card for workstations the 
only difference is the lack of a battery backed cache on the workstation 
variety and 64MB of cache as opposed to 128MB, unless I have misunderstood 
the docs I have read.

One last thing, if you are using the 2.2GHz Precision 530 take a look in 
the BIOS under CPU information.  Finding hyper-threading there (and 
enabling it) was a nice surprise.  Just remember to use the latest errata 
kernel and append acpismp=force.


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