73 GB disks for Dell Precision 530 Mini-Tower with PERC3 RAID5

Michael E Brown michael_e_brown at dell.com
Mon Apr 22 21:36:00 CDT 2002

	The PERC raid adapter that you can get for the Precision
Workstations is largely the same as the PERC adapters in our PowerEdge
servers (modulo battery backed cache). So, the answer to your stability
question is that we believe them to be very stable. You can satisfy
yourself by looking through the email discussions at
http://lists.us.dell.com.  They are very stable, with just a few
complaints about performance. The recurring theme has been that they don't
perform as well as software raid, and you can read the mailing lists for
the lowdown on that. It is a bandwidth issue with the i960 chip that does
the raid calculations.

	As for the limitations of the web configuration tool, I've emailed
it to our mailing list in hopes that somebody else knows something more
about it. It _should_ support 73GB disks, as we support those in our
servers just fine. I'm surprised that you have been having problems with
the salespeople, but there are some other folks on the list who may see
this and be able to tell you something more definitive.

Michael Brown
Linux Solutions
Dell Computer

On Mon, 22 Apr 2002, Brian D Wilson wrote:

> We are about to purchase four 530 Workstations with Linux but we were
> wondering if you can support 73 GB Ultra160 SCSI disks with this machine,
> including the PERC3 RAID5 support.  The Web configuration tool only shows
> 36 GB disks with the PERC3 card but we are disk hungry.
> Also, how bleeding edge is the Linux support for hardware RAID5?  Will
> adding all of the disks to the RAID5 make the system more stable?
> Or should we leave the boot disk out of the RAID5 configuration and just
> use three disks in the RAID?
> Thanks for any help you can give us.  We've been having trouble getting
> a definitive answer out of the sales people.
>   -- Brian
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