experienced sysadmin + RHCE course?

Chris Chabot chabotc at xs4all.nl
Mon Apr 22 18:48:01 CDT 2002

(pre-note: i have not done this cource my self; However) A friend of 
mine actualy teaches parts of those courses, and what i gather from him 
its a  mix between basic unix-isms and redhat knowledge. Typical 
questions on the exam for that certification would range between "How do 
you specify what kernel to boot" to "Fix this machine using nothing but 
the resque CD" and "Setup this server for virtual http/ftp/email hosting 
using the redhat cd". So i think you will find some of it to be boring, 
but a lot of the redhat specifics are delt with in the course.

As a side note, i would sugest signing up to some of redhat's mailing 
lists (and posible linux kernel mailing list, dell has some nice digests 
of this) to get a proper 'feel' for redhat / general linux and what its 
ins and outs are. Often these lists will give you the inside knowledge 
that the training cources [w,c]ould not.

	-- Chris

Rolf Hanson wrote:
> Random question:  I have loads of experience sysadmining Solaris and 
> FreeBSD systems, but next to zero experience with RedHat.  With my 
> latest contract I have to make sure a bunch of poweredge + RedHat 
> systems stay alive. In general I can figure stuff out relatively 
> rapidly, but it would be nice to know what exactly is going on with 
> kernel modules, rpms, various RedHat-specific utilities, etc.
>  Have any experienced admins ever taken one of the RHCE training 
> courses?  For instance:
> http://www.redhat.com/training/rhce/courses/rh300.html
> Would this be useful in getting me up to speed rapidly on all the 
> RedHat-isms, or does it spend a lot of time running through standard 
> unix stuff I would already know? There is one starting in a couple of 
> weeks in my area, so I thought I'd check to see if anyone on the list 
> recommends or does not recommend this course.  Please no diatribes about 
> whether or not certification/training in general is worthwhile, I've 
> heard it all before...I just want to know if the class is good or not.
> Thanks!
> Rolf
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