Why to upgrade the linux kernel?

Aly S.P Dharshi aly.dharshi at uleth.ca
Mon Apr 22 14:28:00 CDT 2002

Hi  Tarun,

    It seems from little searching on the internet via google that this is a
package that is used to communicate with a palm pda lib. I would suggest
that you get the pilot-link rpm and every dev relate package to that and
install this and you should give it a shot again.

    I do the following, I go to /boot and see if there are links to the
latest kernel that I just tried to install. I find that compiling you own
kernel is a fine but the problem with that is that in the end if things go
wrong you have nobody to blame but yourself, I can blame redhat for giving
me a bad kernel. RedHat kernels are quite fine, they work very well for me
and I have no reason to do compile a kernel when someone else has already
done it and that they do this as a full time job.

    Try this and get back to me, that cat should show you the kernel loaded
at this time, I think that a reboot will load the new kernel (I use grub its
cool) and the same command run again will reflect the new kernel.

    If things go wrong you can always rollback by rebooting and choosing the
other kernel. Here is the link to the RH OS dev package install this and all
dependecies and all should be well




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