Why to upgrade the linux kernel?

Tarun Bhatia tarunb at lightsand.com
Mon Apr 22 13:54:00 CDT 2002

Hi Aly,

I tried upgrading my kernel with 'up2date -u -f' and got following message.

"A package providing libpisock.so.4 could not be found."

Did the upgrade fail? How do I verify the version of my kernel. I tried
'cat /proc/version' and it still shows the 2.4.7-10.


Aly S.P Dharshi wrote:

>Hello Tarun,
>    I think that there are a great number of reasons that you may want to
>upgrade to a better kernel, the stock kernel may have some bugs, updated
>drivers for certain devices, maybe they have found a way to make a certain
>thing work efficiently in the kernel. Some people prefer to build their own
>kernel as they believe that they can get a whole bunch of things out that
>they don't use letting them have a kernel that is smaller, faster and suited
>to their needs.
>    If you are on RedHat Linux type the up2date -l to list all the packages
>available for upgrading on your machine, the kernel is not updated by
>default but if you do a update -u -f it will also upgrade your kernel to the
>latest one.
>    Cheers,
>        Aly.

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