How to run the Linux installation in interactive mode on Dell Poweredge 1500? Matt_Domsch at
Thu Apr 18 22:12:01 CDT 2002

> After I boot from the Dell OpenManage CD it prompts me with 
> some settings for  Partitioning, IP address etc., and then 
> prompts me to insert Red Hat CDs and it continues 
> installation in a non-interactive mode.
> Is it possible for me to run this in an interactive mode?

Sure.  Skip using the Dell OpenManage Server Assistant CD, and boot the
first Red Hat CD directly.
Alternately, it's possible to look at the ks.cfg file that the DSA CD
creates for you and puts on the floppy, make the changes you want to that
file, and then boot the Red Hat CD passing 'ks=floppy'.  I believe the key
word "interactive" in ks.cfg will make it prompt you for fields not already


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